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Joe Gansas

Program Director/Host

Besides being a drummer, Joe has an undying love and passion for his show. He has certain goals that he wants to reach, and he has surrounded himself with a positive and tireless team of dedicated people who all have the same goal, to see the show reach the platform that it deserves. Joe will stop at nothing to work hard so that the show achieves what it is set out to be, A drumming show for the drumming community and beyond!

Doug Meola

Segment & Show Writer/Consultant

Doug is an independent drummer, educator, and clinician. With a strong focus on drum education, Doug has a large roster of drum students that he works with regularly,  he also conducts master classes and educational programs for schools and retail music stores. As an educator and clinician, Doug is very passionate about helping drummers be their best in all areas of their drumming. Doug conducts clinics and educational events in partnership with Tune-bot, Vic Firth, Aquarain Drumheads, Q Drum Company, ProLogix Percussion, Drumtacs and Pads and also leads Kickport International's Sound Specialist Drum Education Program. He does a weekly segment called   " Behind The Kit"   focusing on all different issues in the drumming community!

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