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Guest Quotes

Here, you'll find some nice words from some of our guests. Much respect to all of them for coming onto our show and sharing their stories and kind words.

Cathy Rich
Thomas Lang
Frankie Banali
Grant Menefee

 "This is the best interview of questions i have ever done" 

"You really go deeper then most and that is commendable"

 "This is what a drum talk show should be all about"

 "You asked great questions, i normally don't get asked, and those are my favorite types of questions"

  "It was the best interview I have ever done . you do your homework and talk like an old drummer friend" 

Kenny Aronoff
"You asked me the right questions in a short period of time, and your questions led me down the path beyond drumming and life lessons"
Dom Famularo
 "A very exciting show that you are doing a great job with"

"You are doing an incredible job showcasing and inspiring so many drummers from all around the world"

Daniel Glass
Charlie Adams
 "Fantastic Interview,
Can't wait to do it again"
          2nd interview
"This one was even more fun then the last time, so i'm gonna give you a 10"
 "You asked all the right questions,and you are super enthusiastic"

         " Great Job "
            "You Nailed your preparation"

                           2nd interview
"You're such a great interviewer, and the work you do with this program is one of the things that helps connect us all as drummers"
Jim Riley
"Your heart and soul is so into this show, and your a great interviewer"
Mike Vanderhule
John Robinson
"Very impressed with your compassion"
Rich Redmond
 "Amazing show, you are doing all this for the right reasons, and i think this show is gonna totally blow up for you"
                2nd interview
"Joe is an amazing host! His spirit shines and he makes his guests beyond comfortable"

        2nd interview
" It was an honor to be a guest on the show again"

Stephane Chamberland

Paul Wertico

Brian Tichy

Mike Clark

"Joe is doing an amazing job with the interviews and show. This is Professional, coherent, and fun. He asks great questions! This is a great place for drummers to share their passion, exchange ideas, and keep the fire burning! Go go go"

"I appreciate that we spoke candidly to each other, two human beings that talk to each other like that, it's a "10" for me"

"You definately ask great questions, and did your research"

"You ask great questions, the pace was good and you were patient"

Tim Waterson

Claus Hessler

Carmine Appice

Bill Zildjian

"What you are doing with your show is awesome for drummers"

"Thanks for asking great questions, and talking about issues that i don't usually get to talk about"

"You actually asked some very interesting questions"

"Your show has done so much good for the drumming community"

Matt Halpern

Rod Morgenstein

Scott Rockenfield

Deen Castronovo

"You asked me questions that were thoughtful and made me emotional, and that i've never been asked before"

     "Very good interview"

"I can't imagine it being any better than it was, and you ask really good questions"

"The most unique interview i have ever done"

  "Next time i am gonna        interview you"

"Not very many interviews ask me this things, you asked some amazing questions, SERIOUSLY  really good and to the point!

         I appreciate it man

Mickey Curry

Doug Meola

Will Calhoun

Dave Stark 

"I don't know where you came up with some of the things you asked me, but it's great to sit and yap to talk about drums with a guy who knows what he's talking about"

               Fantastic man

               I'll Give it a 10

"Thank you for what you are doing, the passion you have for drums and the drumming community, and anytime you need anything you can count on me for support"

"Keep supporting this 
fantastic show, i look forward to coming back soon"

"Joe's show is like going back to your favorite drum shop and doing what we all did growing up. Talking about drums, drummers and all things drumming! laid back, fun and informative!"

Rob Wallis

Lenny White

Simon Phillips 

Roy Burns

"Around the Kit is a great source of information from many of the leading drummers of our time. It's also a home for the drumming community. Joe is doing us all a great service. Thank you Joe"

"You've asked good questions and hopefully people can learn something from the questions you've asked, and the answers that i gave"

          I'll give it a 10

"Fantastic, absolutely fantastic"


I like everything turned up to 11

"Your appreciative and your  questions were sincere, very good, and well organized"

'You didn't rush me through it and you gave me time to answer them"


Nate Morton

David Stanoch

Jim Payne

Pete Cater 

"I have never gotten to discuss the Correlation between brain activity involved in playing music, playing drums, playing chess, this has been great, a lot of fun"


"We've never met before, and you come full dialed in, You know a few more things about me that i know about me, and that's the mark of somebody who really takes the time to make a guest comfortable"


               Great Show
"I love your enthusiasm and meaningful questions,You're offering a great service to the drumming community"

   Thanks, Let's do it again

"Around the Kit, the essential Sunday night rendezvous for all drummers. Turn off your TV, tune in and get hip"

Jason Gianni

Todd Sucherman

Geoff Tate 

Scott Churilla

"What if I told you there was a live podcast interview show which allowed drummers to be exposed to all facets of the drum community ranging from world-class heroes to local up & coming players on a regular basis? Thankfully, everything a drummer is looking for can be found through Joe Gansas and his amazing "Around The Kit" show! Joe is a well-informed, energetic and passionate host (and, of course, drummer!) who brings the best out of his guests and gives every drummer a place to call "home" on Sunday evenings. I highly recommend it on every level!"

"Joe's show is great, he does his homework, and gets deep with his guests. It was a pleasure indeed! Thanks, Joe!"

"Very refreshing, that it feels like your not just reading the questions off a list"

       Wonderful questions"

        You're great at this!

'It was great talking about drums, drumming, and music with Joe. A true gentleman and pleasure to talk to. Thank you for having me on your show! Lets do it again soon!''

Massimo Russo 

Joe Bergamini

Robb Reiner 

Dave Dicenso

"Joe is a thoughtful interviewer who really guided me into discussing a wide range of interesting drumming topics, which included not only my projects, gigs, and such, but delved deeper into philosophies of drumming and teaching. I really enjoyed talking with Joe on his show, it's top-notch and I am honored to be his guest!

"I had a Great interview with Joe on the Around the Kit radio show and i can say that it was a Great pleasure! Fantastic questions Made by a Man Who Really knows what there is inside of the heart of a Musician/drummer! Honored to be guest of this amazing and unique drumming show!"

"It's fantastic to see a person with so much passion towards Drummer's that have contributed to the art form of drumming, Joe is one of a kind"

"I had such a great time hangin with joe on his great show, great questions, great vibe, and entertaining. Thank you for your great work and support"

Ian Froman 

Rick Latham

Simon Wright

Russell Gilbrook

"Joe runs a great show! Totally prepared interviewer that's genuinely interested in his subjects. Respect! Thank you".

"You ask some really great questions, and you're doing a great job and doing it consistently"

        it's a 10 for me

"Thanks Joe, good questions, really enjoyed talking with you Joe"

"Your choice of questions were really great as they made me feel like I was just chatting away to a friend about my life and your program, promoting drummers all over the world"

Ben Sesar 

Joe Franco 

Wes Little

Ian Bee

"Honestly one of the best interviews I've done. Joe really does his research, his questions are thoughtful, and he epitomizes passion for the art"

"Around the kit is a cool drum hang. It was fun talking shop with a real New Yawker, Joe Gansas"

“Joe conducted an excellent interview. He had done his homework on me as a guest, and he asked questions of me that I feel will give drummers a good insight into the world of professional drumming. Thanks Joe, and keep up the good work!”

''I felt so comfortable with Joe, and it was so refreshing to be asked such different and varied questions. An absolute joy to be on his excellent show''

Gregg Bissonette

Aaron Edgar

Joe Saylor 

GT Albright

I had a wonderful time chatting with Joe Gansas on "Around The Kit "! Thought provoking and insightful questions, from a guy who knows there is more to a drummer then chops and tunes. Joe does his homework and engages his guests in a powerful low key manor that draws the listener in, and the personal stories out of his guests. Bravo to Joe for providing a Long Term Radio Format, that really let's his audience get to know his guests. If you want to get to know the best drummers in the world, get to know them on " Around The Kit"  with Joe Gansas. The best of the best!!!

"I had so much fun on the show! I really appreciated how you approached all the artists questions uniquely. It was really easy to get into interesting topics with you! Thanks so much for having me!"

"I've never enjoyed doing an interview as much as i did with you joe. i hope to talk again real soon. it was such a pleasure."

" I just had one of the best   interviews of my life, Joe is
 a great and knowledgeable drummer and person, I had a blast "

   This was a 10 by far joe
            this was a 10

Garrett Goodwin 

Dave Bloom

Bill Cobham

Mike Mallais

"Great interview and great guy, Truly enjoyed being on Around The Kit"

Definitely  give it a      "10"

"Joe didn't waste anytime getting straight to the meat of the interview. He made sure that we had the opportunity to really spend time digging deep into some great topics. I really enjoyed this opportunity"

"5 Stars out of 5 Stars"

"Joe gives us all a very comfortable setting to discuss drums, drumming, and life Around The Kit! Thanks for the Great show Joe!!!"

Tom Brechtlein

Tom Hurst

Robyn Flans

Glen Sobel 

"Had a great time talking with you, you're a great host. Thanks so much for having me on the show"

''I so enjoying not only discussing drums with joe, but life in general. Always fun, always thought provoking. Around the kit never disappoints"

"Joe really does his homework to prepare for his interviews, it was a true pleasure to be on his show

"Joe went deep on some of those questions, The kind of interview where you feel real comfortable and can open up about things. Thanks Joe!"

Lindsay Artkop

Bernie Dresel

Troy Luccketta

Charles Ruggiero

"Around The Kit has quickly become a top Drum Industry Podcast. It's always an honor and a great time talking drums with Joe. He asks relevant and thought provoking questions and hosts many of the best drummers of our time."

"What a fun time Joe and I had chatting about me! haha, I'm gonna have to go back and listen to all his other interviews! Hope to do it again"!

"I had a wonderful wonderful time, Great questions! Congrats"

                    Perfect 10

"Around the Kit is a great show. Joe is a wonderful interviewer... thoughtful, and smart, he gets the most out of his brothers in drums."

Michael Aubrecht

Lee Kerslake

Ken Loomer

"Around the Kit with Joe Gansas is THE BEST internet talk show on the net today. From thought-provoking interviews to informative round tables there is something for every drummer. Do yourself a favor and tune in each and every Sunday."

"You ask Fabulous questions that make the brain think and i totally enjoyed this interview and i have done a few thousand in my time."   

   Wonderful  11  OUT OF 10 

" Around The Kit with host Joe Gansas is the best drum talk show on the planet today. I could tell right away Joe did his homework on me and asked the type of questions which would give his listeners an insight about who I am as a drummer. Most important is Joe gave me the time to answer his thoughtful questions,but he also listened to what I had to say. That is why you will get wonderful follow-up questions. He is the Larry King of the Drum World!"   Thanks so much Joe for inviting me to your show.I had a great time and anytime you want to do it again,I`m all yours. Your new "Buddy" Ken Loomer 

Eric Singer

Les Binks

Billy Sheehan

"Joe is down to earth and a real fan of getting true facts about drumming. I enjoy the useable information I receive from Around The Kit. Thanks Joe! "

Thanks for having me on your unique show. Only Joe Gansas could come up the inspiration and initiative to create the worlds first drum talk radio "Around The Kit". A real treat for drummers all over the world. Don't stop Joe. Keep up the good work. Your new friend, Les Binks"

"I had a blast being on Joe's show! Great to see bass and drums connecting more and more!"

Anthony Esposito

Matt Starr 

Billy Ward 

Jim Mola 

"You were a great host, It was a pleasure to be a part of it"

"Speaking with Joe is always a pleasure and so inspiring, Joe is providing a great service to the drumming community with Around The Kit"

"Around the kit host Joe Gansas' well-researched questions urge his guests to go deeper than the usual interview. What a great show! Thanks for the chat joe! I hope to listen to more shows and look forward to being back on"

"Thanks so much for having me Joe. I had been told that you really do your homework and ask great questions and that was certainly my experience as well. I'll be tuning in next week!"

Sammy Aliano

Steve Smith

Alex Alexander

Nic Kubes

"Thanks Joe for a fantastic interview. Your in depth knowledge and passion really stood out. The questions were fantastic and you made it easy. It’s a fantastic radio show and a true gift for Drummers. Keep it up, us drummers need people and a show like yours. God Bless"

              11 out of 10

''Talking with Joe from Around The Kit is always a lot of fun. We dig deep into the details of drumming and the process of making music''

"Joe really set the bar high for my first major interview. He did his research and asked questions that were relevant and thought provoking. I appreciate the research he did, supportive comments and enthusiasm"

“Around The Kit” is essential listening for All musicians. Joe Gansas introduces DRUMMER’S to each other’s concepts and ideas. Well done Joe! You Rock.”

Bob Gullotti

" I want to thank Joe Gansas for the opportunity to discuss some of my musical ideas and concepts on his show" Joe asked the best questions about my playing and teaching"

           2nd interview

          Thank You Joe

" You give the best Questions and Interviews in the business"

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