Guest Quotes

Here, you'll find some nice words from some of our guests. Much respect to all of them for coming onto our show and sharing their stories and kind words.

Cathy Rich
Thomas Lang
Frankie Banali
Grant Menefee
Dom Famularo
Kenny Aronoff
Daniel Glass
Charlie Adams
Jim Riley
Mike Vanderhule
John Robinson
Rich Redmond

        2nd interview

" It was an honor to be a guest on the show again"

Stephane Chamberland

Paul Wertico

Brian Tichy

Mike Clark

Tim Waterson

Claus Hessler

Carmine Appice

Bill Zildjian

Matt Halpern

Rod Morgenstein

Scott Rockenfield

Deen Castronovo

Mickey Curry

Doug Meola

Will Calhoun

Dave Stark 

Rob Wallis

Lenny White

Simon Phillips 

Roy Burns

"You've asked good questions and hopefully people can learn something from the questions you've asked, and the answers that i gave"

          I'll give it a 10

Nate Morton

David Stanoch

Jim Payne

Pete Cater 

Jason Gianni

Todd Sucherman

Geoff Tate 

Scott Churilla

Massimo Russo 

Joe Bergamini

Robb Reiner 

Dave Dicenso

Ian Froman 

Rick Latham

Simon Wright

Russell Gilbrook

Ben Sesar 

Joe Franco 

Wes Little

Ian Bee

"Around the kit is a cool drum hang. It was fun talking shop with a real New Yawker, Joe Gansas"

Gregg Bissonette

Aaron Edgar

Joe Saylor 

GT Albright

Garrett Goodwin 

Dave Bloom

Bill Cobham

Mike Mallais

Tom Brechtlein

Tom Hurst

Robyn Flans

Glen Sobel 

Lindsay Artkop

Bernie Dresel

Troy Luccketta

Charles Ruggiero

Michael Aubrecht

Lee Kerslake

Ken Loomer

Eric Singer

Les Binks

Billy Sheehan

Anthony Esposito

Matt Starr 

Billy Ward 

Jim Mola 

Sammy Aliano

Steve Smith

Alex Alexander

Nic Kubes

Bob Gullotti

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